Moving Home – A Removals Company Can Take The Stress Away

Stress – a word that has so many causes and so many outcomes, most of us have stress in our lives, from the exams we sit in our childhood to the day to day stresses that come with running a home in our adult lives.

But, moving home is one of the biggest stress causes for every single one of us, and whilst you might be surprised to know this, in fact, moving home is said to be one of the biggest causes of stress that will ever happen to us.

In fact, research has shown the moving home is one of the most stressful things you will do in life, even more stressful than divorce, with almost two in three people placing the ordeal at the top of their stress list in a poll of 2,000 adults who have moved home in the past three years. Whilst an alarming figure to say the least, you must also consider that most people move home around 8 times over the course of their life, meaning that we will continue to place ourselves under this kind of stress time and time again.

So, what causes this stress when it comes to moving home?

Losing Things

Whilst we are not talking about children and pets here, people moving home tend to get stressed about losing things, as even though you might be moving a few miles down the road or 1,000 miles across the sea, the chances of the losing something you either really need or is valuable never seems to go away.

Breakage And Damage

From the vase we have loved for 50 years, through to the brand new curved 55” TV that has only just been purchased, we will all worry about something getting broken during the move, and whilst this is rare, it is still something that will plague our thoughts both in the build-up and during the move. Whilst the best removal companies have insurance, some items are simply not replaceable and have more emotional value than monetary, which is why the stress about what might happen is often greater than dealing with anything that does happen.

Too Many Possessions

Even if you are moving from a 2-bedroom house to another 2-bedroom house, the chances are you will have far too many possessions, as quite often in your current property you have filled every inch of storage with things, and the new house might not have the same kind of layout, or may be slightly smaller. The worry of where everything will go is often a big one, as we tend to pre-empt this issue before we really know what’s going to happen, as if you have small kids you really do not want boxes lying around the new property for a few weeks whilst you sort everything out.

The Other End

The final reason that people end up getting stressed out is due to how they worry about what things will be like at end of their move. Will the broadband be ready to please the kids? Will Sky TV turn up and install the dish when they promised? Will the kids settle in their new school? How will the commute be every day? And the list goes on and on and on. We all worry, or tend to worry about things we have no control over, and this kind of worry brings on the most stress as these things have not happened so we cannot deal with them.

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